Friday, 31 March 2017

Autism and Energy with guest Joy Truscott, Soul Awakening South Africa 03/31 by Autism The Spiritual Approach | Self Help Podcasts

Each time we move beyond our sense of loneliness, depression, hopelessness and use that Knowing to reach for the exact opposite of this pain, we remember where we came from and the Divine Gift that we can bring into this Human Reality.

Listen to Joy Truscott and Sandra Alexander - Spiritual Approach to Autism speak about Energy and how we can assist those who share our lives by becoming more present with out self.

Autism and Energy with guest Joy Truscott, Soul Awakening South Africa 03/31 by Autism The Spiritual Approach | Self Help
 Blog Talk Radio with Sandra Alexander and Joy Truscott

The foundation of Autism Spiritual Approach is recognizing that our children, on the spectrum or not, are here as our motivation to grow and elevate our own consciousness. In the course of this elevation, we can forge miraculous healing connections. Sandra invites guest Joy Truscott, Soul Awakening South Africa to share insights and wisdom on how simply we can shift our own energy in order to connect with our child. Love for our child is the driving factor that motivates us to go beyond what we ever imagined for ourselves. Sandra and Joy together provide take away spiritual tools that can immediately create more peace and joy in our lives. at home and in the classroom in our work with our child on the autism spectrum. You can find Joy's book, A Journey to Remember: Recapturing the Unique Codes of Our Magnificence at

The way we interpret and resolve our pain directly effects us all.

When we remember that we hold the key to either uplifting Global Consciousness or depleting it, we can begin to move through this Life Journey in a more conscious and enlightened manner.  For each one of us who is prepared to help the Healing of Humanity and this planet, we are making a Connection that re-connects us in the most powerful way. 

We are able to place new codes or patterns into a resource sometimes referred to as THE FIELD.

Our outcome as Beings depends on the resource we are making available in this Field of Consciousness. 

May you embrace the simplicity of the Elevate Technique in all the substantial moments of your experiences and find how easy it is to quickly elevate out of the mud and stickiness of this reality.
It is the pursuit of Mindful Awareness and may you be deeply and abundantly Blessed for your willingness to Heal. 

Learn how the 6 step process to assist you to quickly realign and find a way out of the sense of being stuck and alone.  Elevate - 6 Steps to Heal is a tool that will guide you as you learn to make the switch in your awareness and bring Healing into your Life.