Thursday, 5 June 2014

Experiencing Life Creatively as we Reflect upon the Life Journey

Reflecting upon Life - Experiencing Life Creatively with Joy Truscott

I believe it is our uniqueness, ingenuity and creativeness that allow us to interpret the meaning of our Life Journey.  When we learn how to tap into our Inner Resources we find the Resiliency of our Soul. 

Why is it that some people seem to manage their life, despite the adversity and challenges?

This Life Journey is filled with experiences, some that we cherish and some that leave us in pain and doubt.  Often, our Life Experiences can leave us feeling overwhelmed, hollow or depressed.  

No life is without aspects that challenge us, sometimes beyond what we believe we can endure.  Yet, there are those that seem to survive and those that even seem to THRIVE amidst the many pressures and life stressors.  
When we begin to view our Life as a Journey and take stock of the gifts that have come our way to nudge us into Awakening - then we begin to awaken to our Divine Life Purpose.
Just a moment of pause and reflection will bring us to this point of Shift and when that happens we stand within our Potential, ready to transform and be our Magnificent Self.
Right now - PAUSE - breathe and Know that you are the very Breath of God.

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