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DepressionGetHelp: Depression is Repression

DepressionGetHelp: Depression is Repression:

Depression - It's Trapped in Our Memory.

Is it possible that you are the messenger of the memories of your family line ? Imagine   if you could fully come to terms with the fact that you are the baggage of all that has been, right through your family line and right through history.

We are designed to carry knowledge, history, and memory through our Being.  Every sensory receptive aspect of your make up is a holding cell for memory.  We can smell a piece of toast being made and instantly be carried in memory to an association that has relevance to us.  Our sensory being is programmed to remember.  This "wiring" is our instinctive mechanism for survival. 

And now it seems that even the aspect of ourself that is supposed to be there to help us survive, is actually hindering our ability to thrive.  

Even the seemingly insignificant memory of a piece of toast is still within us and will be until the day we leave our human experience. 

We have little or no control over the way the memories are being attached to our sensory system.  Some memories will go into the neat filing cabinets of taste, smell, sight and hearing, ready to be pulled out and used in an effective manner – much like looking through the catalogue card system in the library -neat, organized and systematic.
In our consciously aware states we can train our brain to recall facts and details. We can make healthy associations with what we wish to remember, like the taste of ice-cream. 

ICE-CREAM = Hmmm! Delicious, cool, happy, treat, sweet, love. 
Or, if we have another program going about self-loathing this might be the association.
ICE-CREAM = Aghh! Fat, ugly, wobbly, denial of self, hate, sabotage, regret, lack, unfulfillment, undeserving, unwanted, unloved.

The same stimuli but our reactions and attachments are our own interpretations, based on our experiences and early message implants.
One will give rise to sensory flooding of hormones and chemicals that will make the body and mind feel happy and well and the other will flood the system with stress hormones and chemicals that will leave the body feeling unloved and deprived.

You are the carrier of all that has been.  

I wonder how much of the baggage you would consciously choose to carry along your journey.

Depression is Repression

Depression - It's Trapped in Our Memory

Is it possible that you are the messenger of the memories of your family line ?

Imagine if your sense of depression was really all the memories of your family line trapped in your genetic code.

For many of us we are not able to re-tell the family history past a couple of generations.  Some families are able to re-count the stories of their grandparents and more seldom the great grandparents.  Not only have we become disconnected from the history of our ancestors but we have also lost the art of story-telling.

Ancient tribes carried word-of-mouth messages and stories through thousands of years.  All hopes and dreams, pains and victories were remembered and honored.  The history and the triggering emotions were re-enacted and shared with each generation through dance and song.  Families down the generations KNEW and UNDERSTOOD the pain and suffering of their forefathers.  They celebrated the HIGH and LOW moments of the PASSAGE OF LIFE of their lineage. 

This might seem like an insignificant act, however, if we are reminded about the struggles and the victories of our family line, we might be more aware of the family patterns - those that are productive and those that are not helpful.  

In honoring the PAST our ancient forefathers expressed the emotions that were experienced by their clan.  Dramatic re-enactment provided a cathartic release from the reactions of the body.  Through the dance, song and re-telling, the tribe found a way to bring the emotions to the group and have each piece of the drama unfold in a supportive and communal way.   

In every performance of recall, the tribe was uniting in their common humanity and the shared experiences of their reality.   Here in the group were opportunities to comfort and console, celebrate and rejoice.  Whatever was experienced was brought into the present and shared. 

And then we became "SOPHISTICATED" !

No more “barbaric” leaping about re-telling of the history of our humanity.  No more opportunities for cathartic release and understanding.  No more movement of the body to help release the trapped memories and associated stress hormones and chemicals.  No more being REAL and HONEST. 

All that replaced with the notion that we need to repress and deny any extreme emotion.  

I am sure you have a list of EMOTIONAL CUT-OFFS familiar to your family.
Stiff upper lip.

Cowboys don’t cry.

You should be grateful.

Stop being so sorry for yourself!

You think YOU have it hard!!!

Snap out of it!

Suffer to be beautiful.

And so we have learnt to bury our pain, hide our feelings, mistrust our intuitive responses, deny our emotions and hold our hurt deep within. 

How many generations in your family have been doing this?  Just imagine all the unspoken, unresolved pain that has had nowhere to go except deep within.  And you wonder why you are in SO MUCH PAIN. 

How can you NOT be in pain?

Our modern bodies are toxic dump sites for all the repressed miseries of all times.

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